Why You Should Be Amazing

There is alot of noise out there in our world now. We have loads of competition. Our competitors are social media, google and the web browser. Research shows that years ago, before the internet boom, our attention span was 19 minutes. Now it is 8 minutes.

Everyday, when we are surfing the internet, we are becoming more and more addicted to it.  Neurologists say we are hardwiring our brains for a short attention span. Every 8 seconds our brain is scanning to see if there is something more interesting, than the current object in front of us. For this reason , we better be amazing, or we will be forgotten, or perhaps never noticed in the first place.

When we meet someone new , they have approximately 8 seconds to grab our attention, before we lose interest, or become distracted. We want to make a good first impression, because our introduction opens the door to a better connection and more conversation. We have to communicate our value immediately, because our brain is hardwired to decide in seconds to engage or depart. So put your very best stuff out there, right away.

Because of this, our hello has to be different,  We must captivate our audience in just a few seconds. How do we do that? By standing out, by being amazing and by being different. We can’t just be heard , we have to make people fall in love with our ideas, and what we have to say. When we are amazing, we definitely have the advantage. We all pick and choose, and win or lose now, based on the battle for attention.

How can we be amazing? We all have the ability to be amazing, but it gets diluted out there in our noisey world. We have to learn how to let others know we are amazing, because now if no one knows it, it doesn’t matter. In our crowded and competitive environment, the thing that makes us different, that is what makes us better. That is what draws people to us. We win their attention.

Learning to use strategic polarization sets us up for a win. It differentiates us and we stand out. Different is now better than better. We must know how we are different. What qualities do we have that no one else has, and no one can emulate? This will bring intense focus on us. Neurologists have looked at MRI’s of amazed people, and they are actually different than bored people. We know we have a tremendous advantage when we are amazing.

We can’t show up however we want now. We have to be amazing. We must add value, so as not to just take up space. We have to stand out, or not bother. Being amazing can be our secret weapon and “in the zone” moments , when we are amazing, this is when we build connections and relationships.  What makes you amazing?