Things We Dont Learn in School

They don’t teach you that what you see is not what you get always. Watch actions not words. Some people say it but don’t mean it. Some people mean it but don’t say it. Just because you diet doesn’t mean you will get skinny. Good guys don’t always finish first.

They don’t teach you that life is not always fair. Sometimes you have to shut up and do it anyway. They don’t teach you how to say goodbye. Sometimes bad is dressed as good. Some people take shortcuts. You may be the only one sometimes and that is okay. Integrity is what you do when no one is looking. Doing a good deed can be quiet.

At the end of the day, it’s you with yourself. They don’t teach you how to recognize an opportunity and grab it because sometimes there are no second chances. How to spot people who are in it for themselves. Unexpected things will always happen in life. How to survive using grace, courage, and humor. How to be the Queen of your own life. The choice is yours.

They don’t teach you that being positive is much more productive than being negative, always. Whatever you get from being negative needs to be enough because it costs you lots. It’s not your job to cater to others’ emotional outbursts. Sometimes the real victim looks like the bad guy. Nothing good comes from enabling others’ bad behavior.

They don’t teach you the unknown can be exciting. How to not let others drain your energy. There’s no use in fretting about the future, it’s going to happen anyway. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. You can change your life by changing your thoughts. Bad people hide in religious places. How to face your hidden self. That thing that makes you different, that’s your strength.

They don’t teach you the value of your intuition. True happiness is an inside job. Every no is one step closer to yes. Small things add up and become the big things. The past is best left in the past. If you spot it, you got it. Fame can be a bad thing. We all have a purpose. Villains think they are good guys. Apples don’t fall far from the tree.

They don’t teach you, the future can be better than the past or the present. There are some things you will never have an answer about. What you feel is not who you are. You can control how you speak to yourself. They don’t teach you that C students run the world. Boundaries are everything. The struggles you have can make you stronger. You are not what happened to you. What we do every day is more important than what we do once in a while.

Toxic people try to control how others see you. They don’t teach you to never put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket. It’s a waste of time to evaluate your worthiness by the reaction of the people in the stands.