Accessibility Statement

1. Introduction

Dr. Lori is committed to ensuring accessibility for all users, including those with disabilities. This Accessibility Statement outlines our efforts to improve accessibility on our website, while acknowledging that our website is currently not fully optimized for accessibility.

2. Current Accessibility Status

a. Non-Optimized Website: At present, our website may not meet all accessibility standards or guidelines. We acknowledge that certain areas of the website may be difficult to access for individuals with disabilities.

b. Areas of Improvement: We are aware that our website lacks certain features that could enhance accessibility, such as alternative text for images, proper heading structures, keyboard navigation compatibility, and other elements required to meet accessibility standards.

3. Commitment to Improvement

a. Ongoing Efforts: Dr. Lori is actively working to improve website accessibility. We are dedicated to making necessary adjustments and enhancements to ensure that all users, including those with disabilities, have a positive experience on our website.

b. Accessibility Team: We have established a team to assess, prioritize, and implement changes to enhance accessibility. Our team is focused on identifying and addressing accessibility issues throughout the website.

4. Third-Party Content and Services

a. Limitations: Some content or features on our website may be provided by third parties and may not be fully accessible. We acknowledge that we do not have full control over the accessibility of these elements.

5. Contact Information

a. Feedback and Support: We value your feedback and are committed to addressing any accessibility concerns. If you encounter difficulties accessing content on our website or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us.

6. Timelines for Improvement

a. Roadmap: Dr. Lori has initiated a plan to prioritize and implement accessibility enhancements. While we cannot provide specific timelines for full accessibility compliance, we are actively working towards making incremental improvements.

7. Compliance with Standards

a. Legal Compliance: We aim to align with applicable accessibility standards and guidelines, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. We recognize the importance of adhering to these standards to create a more inclusive online environment.

8. Accessibility Statement Updates

Dr. Lori will update this Accessibility Statement as progress is made toward improving website accessibility. We encourage you to revisit this statement periodically for updates on our accessibility efforts.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we strive to enhance the accessibility of Dr. Lori’s website for all users.