Storms of Life

The Storms of life. Oh how they roll in, when we are least expecting them. This is when we find out alot about ourselves. The way we manage our storms, this is who we are. We are defined by our response to the bad things in our lives. It is when we are the most stressed, that our true selves appear. It is easy to be kind and thoughtful during the good times. During the bad times, not so easy.

During the bad times we learn things like, what is our true God ? Whatever we are most concerned with. This is our true God. We will always be storing up treasures and these treasures have the capacity to steal our heart, souls and strength. Our personal treasures are oh so obvious when the storm rolls in.

The lengths to which we go to protect our attachments. This is us in the storms of life. Adversity is not a release from being responsible. No free pass because you are in a storm. This is you. The real you.

We feel the way we think . Therefore, we benefit from thinking in more healthy ways in order to live more productively. We never know when some of our storms are coming. They sneak up on us in the night. We don’t have time to plan or to hide our true selves. The real us becomes very evident , very quickly in a storm.

When storms come we get pulled down. We become divided with discord. This is when we don’t look at the rhetoric of others, but instead we watch their actions. Actions speak so much louder than words.

Whatever you replace your peace with in times of trouble, if it is negative, it diminishes your value. The superficial always disappoints and it disappears. The pressure to hold up during a storm will drive you to destruction, if you are not built on a firm foundation. Saying no to peace during our storms, will cost us what we are clinging to in many cases.

We become so accustomed to running from our storms, we miss the beauty in the storm and after the storm. It is always the most quiet and peaceful the day before and the day after a storm. Are we able to enjoy the beauty or are our souls untethered from our storms?

We create our best life by how we use our storms. Our perception of the storm becomes our reality. Did the storm wipe us a clean slate? Can we start over in a better way, using our past mistakes as our learning tools?

Everything will fall apart sometimes. What if we just let it? What if we stop trying to control and fix ? What if we step back, and are not so predictable in the ways we handle problems ? What if we just be still and see what happens without our input? What if we create a better reality, by how we use our mind during our storms?

Our most healthy relationships are our most honest relationships. Our relationship with ourselves, anchors us during our storms. Are you honest with you about you? Who are you in your storms?

How are you managing your storms?  What does your real self look like when you are blindsided and not prepared . How do you look in the darkest moments?  Can you rise above the chaos of your storm or will you be pulled under?