Public Speaking

Whether you’re an educator, business professional or parent, we all long for quality relationships in our lives and engagement from those around us. Learning the Art & Science of Connection is a first hand experience to deepen relationships with the ones around you.

Drawing from her extensive 25 years of experience in psychology, Dr. Lori’s expertise shines through as she enlightens audiences with the transformative power of walking through life with conscious, present effort. She captivates audiences with powerful, impactful stories that offer science backed practical strategies to navigate life’s situations within various contexts—be it in a business, educational institution, or family setting. Dr. Lori’s genuine, inviting demeanor brings a silver lining to the lost art of connection in today’s highly disconnected world

Whether delivering keynote speeches, breakout sessions, or addressing corporate and association events, Dr. Lori empowers audiences. With expertise spanning mental health, psychology, self-care, and personal growth, Dr. Lori delivers engaging presentations. Her presentations typically run for 60 minutes, packed with valuable content, actionable strategies, and a Q&A session to ensure audience interaction and engagement.

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Topics Offered

For Schools, Families, & Parents

  1. The Science of Connection: Cultivating Deeper Bonds Within Your Family
  2. Fostering Love and Laughter: Strategies for Building Strong Family Connections
  3. Breaking Through Device Dependency: Nurturing Genuine Connections in a Digital Age
  4. Parenting with Presence: Overcoming Distractions to Connect Authentically with Your Children
  5. Healing Family Wounds: Rebuilding Trust and Connection Through Therapy
  6. Finding Hope Amidst Uncertainty: Navigating Family Challenges with Resilience
  7. Teen Stress Relief: Understanding and Managing Anxiety in Adolescents
  8. Bridging the Gap: Addressing Mental Health Challenges in Younger Generations
  9. The Art of Connection: Cultivating Meaningful Relationships in a Disconnected World
  10. Mindful Parenting: Techniques for Bringing Presence and Connection into Everyday Family Life

For Businesses:

  1. The Power of Connection: Enhancing Team Dynamics for Increased Productivity
  2. Cultivating a Culture of Connection: Strategies for Fostering Meaningful Relationships in the Workplace
  3. Communication and Connection: Building Stronger Work Relationships Through Effective Dialogue
  4. Leading with Empathy: Harnessing Emotional Intelligence for Leadership Success
  5. Creating a Connected Workplace: Strengthening Employee Engagement and Retention
  6. The Neuroscience of Connection: Understanding the Impact of Social Bonds on Workplace Performance
  7. From Transactional to Transformational: Building Lasting Client Relationships Through Genuine Connection
  8. Virtual Connection in the Digital Age: Navigating Remote Work Challenges to Maintain Team Cohesion
  9. Connection and Collaboration: Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion to Drive Innovation
  10. Authentic Leadership: Inspiring Trust and Loyalty Through Genuine Connection

For Self-Growth:

  1. Connection Starts Within: Cultivating Self-Awareness for Deeper Personal Relationships
  2. Embracing Vulnerability: Unlocking the Power of Authentic Connection in Your Life
  3. From Isolation to Integration: Overcoming Loneliness Through Meaningful Connections
  4. The Mind-Body Connection: Exploring the Link Between Emotional Health and Physical Well-Being
  5. Finding Your Tribe: Building Supportive Relationships That Nourish and Empower You
  6. Connection Across Cultures: Embracing Diversity to Expand Your Perspective and Worldview
  7. Self-Care Through Connection: Tapping into the Healing Power of Human Relationships
  8. Authentic Expression: Cultivating Confidence and Connection Through Genuine Communication
  9. The Connection Paradox: Balancing Independence and Interdependence for Fulfillment
  10. Connection and Purpose: Aligning Your Passions with Meaningful Relationships for a Fulfilling Life