Through countless hours of research, Dr. Lori’s passion to help businesses, families and individuals overcome the endless problems created by excessive device usage. If you’re struggling with this yourself, I’d love to help. Simply review the services below and take the next step.

Public Speaking

Whether you’re an educator, business professional or parent, we all long for quality relationships in our lives and engagement from those around us. This drives productivity in the workforce, accelerated learning in the classroom and deep, loving relationships within families.


Unfortunately, a staggering amount of people are over-connected to their devices which means they’re often disconnected from the work and people around them.


As a practitioner for over 25 years, author and thought leader in the field of digital device usage, Dr. Lori specializes in educating her audiences on the effects of excessive digital device usage and provides practical steps to manage this within your business, school and family.


If this is something your organization struggles with, Dr. Lori is the perfect speaker for your next event. Whether breakout or keynote, corporate or association event, your audience will better understand the effects of being over-connected and have a playbook for managing this moving forward.
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Business Consulting

Every organization wants employees that are engaged at work and focused on executing their tasks in a productive manner. Unfortunately, the extent in which people are connected to devices has resulted in an extreme amount of distraction in the workplace and thus lost productivity.


A recent study showed that on average, each employee wastes 2 hours each day on device usage. This equates to $97 Billion in lost business productivity each year!


As a business owner or manager, the challenge is that technology, and often times smart devices, are a key part of business operations and people’s lives. You don’t want to kill your culture with an extreme policy on device usage, but you also don’t want to hamper your growth with a distracted and disconnected workforce.


Dr. Lori’s business consulting services are designed to create a balanced solution for your business. One that is tailored to your unique challenges, creates employee engagement and drives business growth.


To get started, simply click the button below to schedule a free business productivity call. This will be an opportunity for Dr. Lori to understand your unique challenges and share ideas on next steps.
  • My work with Dr Lori has been one of the most important decisions I have ever made. It has had significant and long lasting effects on my life. I felt accepted and not judged, and she provided the support I needed to learn ways to be more connected and engaged in all areas of my life.


    Karen M. PHD

  • The presentation was on today’s over use of social media technology and it’s adverse effects on our lives. It was insightful and thought provoking. The discussion continued to address how do we make technology become a useful part of our daily lives rather than the controlling factor in our lives.


    Suzette M.
    Office Manager

  • Dr Lori worked with our family to help us understand the ways we were disconnected and the changes we could make to experience better engagement. Our family walked away from our time working with Lori richer in many ways and we are so glad for our time spent with her to build a stronger family.


    Miles S.
    A happy client

Family Services

Families are at the heart of our society, which is why creating healthy relationships within families is so important. Relationships filled with love, laughter, compassion, support and so much more.


Unfortunately, most relationships within families today are stressed because of the lack of deep connection with each other. Family members may be physically together, but mentally they are far from present. This creates a wide variety of negative effects on both individual health and family relationships.


Are you a parent that’s struggling to create real connections within your family because of excessive device usage by both children and adults? Are you looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or maybe you’re just ready to move in a new direction in your life. Regardless of this situation, Dr. Lori is here to help.


For an individual, couples or family consultation, please click Request Appointment below.
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Effects of Texting on Marital Relationships

In Dr. Lori’s first book, she takes a deep-dive into the effects of texting on the marital relationship.


Texting has the ability to connect persons quickly and communicate needed information and thus can be helpful. However, it can also be maladaptive, resulting in miscommunication and less in person conversation, which is problematic in the marital relationship.


The results of texting on marital partnerships are explored to incorporate the kinds of information best sent via texting and the problems included with texting. To read about the full findings, click below to get the book today.

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