Through countless hours of research, Dr. Lori offers science-backed solutions to help individuals connect more deeply with themselves and their families, friends, and colleagues. If you’re interested in improving the relationships in your life, find a service below that will allow you to connect and grow with Dr. Lori today.

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Dr. Lori’s offers coaching package sessions

Coaching to build connection

Individual | Couples | Family | Corporate

Connect Package – 6 one hour calls over 3 months $3000

More Connection Package– 12 one hour calls over 6 months $5700

** Having received psychotherapy training from accredited institutions, Dr. Lori previously practiced under licensure. However, she recently made the decision to step away from licensure due to state and federal restrictions, limiting her ability to work with clients across different regions. Embracing coaching as a new approach, she sees it as a positive shift, providing numerous advantages, including direct, personalized advice.

Public Speaking

Whether you’re an educator, business professional or parent, we all long for quality relationships in our lives and engagement from those around us.

Experience Dr. Lori’s engaging talks and presentations designed to enlighten audiences on the significance of genuine connection  in our fast growing disconnected world.

Online Group Sessions

Engage in Dr. Lori’s virtual community space, creating an environment for finding solace, accessing inspiration, and nurturing mental wellness and relational harmony

Family Services

Families are at the heart of our society, which is why creating healthy relationships within families is so important. Relationships filled with love, laughter, compassion, support and so much more.

 Dr. Lori’s tailored support and guidance aimed at restoring genuine meaningful connections within families, promoting stronger bonds and overall well-being.

Couples Therapy

Dr. Lori offers high impact therapy for couples as part of her services. This can be done in an intensive 2 day format.

My work with Dr Lori has been one of the most important decisions I have ever made. It has had significant and long lasting effects on my life. I felt accepted and not judged, and she provided the support I needed to learn ways to be more connected and engaged in all areas of my life.


Karen M. PHD

The presentation was on today’s over use of social media technology and it’s adverse effects on our lives. It was insightful and thought provoking. The discussion continued to address how do we make technology become a useful part of our daily lives rather than the controlling factor in our lives.


Suzette M.
Office Manager

Dr Lori worked with our family to help us understand the ways we were disconnected and the changes we could make to experience better engagement. Our family walked away from our time working with Lori richer in many ways and we are so glad for our time spent with her to build a stronger family.


Miles S.
A happy client