New Year Same Mess

It’s that time of year again. The time when we all start looking at ourselves, and making promises about things we won’t do, and changes we won’t make. And why should we? What if we love the hot mess that we are? What if instead of New Years resolutions, we write love notes , to ourselves?

We need to be kind to ourselves like this. What if our goal for 2019 is to practice love and acceptance of self ? What if we show up for ourselves, and keep loving us with all of our imperfections? What if we stumble into the New Year, and we fall, and we get up and try again? Can you be the one that keeps showing up for yourself , not in spite of the mess but because of it?  Embrace the mess.

This year can you love yourself the way you love others? Realizing that your value is inside you, not on the outside, and not measured by another , and so if you are happy with you, don’t change a thing. (This is for the professor who said my paragraphs had to be at least 3 sentences. You are not the boss of me, here is a lovely paragraph and it is only two sentences and a run on, and life goes on, boring people follow the rules, I’m letting go of perfectionism)

In 2019, can we look at ourselves without judgement and just be? Can we let all judgement pass through us and not become us? Can we not go looking for others to judge us? Because we will always find them. Can we realize that we are enough, even when the world says we fall short? In 2019 , let us be ourselves and not need to change one beautiful thing about us.

This year, can I not bargain with another to fit in, but instead know my value , and you take me as I am or bye bye? My worth is inside my heart, not your head, because if I change me to what you want, I may not be who I really am. And that would be a tragedy.

I hope this year I remember that there is no certainty , only the messiness of living an authentic life. Warts and all. In 2019, can I let go of the lifestyle named anxiety, and instead live in peace with myself ? Can I bury should, and instead follow my intuition , not yours? Can I realize the abundance in my life, and let go of the idea of a scarcity mentality? Oh and comparison, can I bid you farewell? Can I let go of the need to be acceptable and always in control, and instead have compassion for me and take things as they come?

Can I have the strength to be resilient, and live a life full of gratitude and joy? Can I let go of the business and chaos, and instead be in the moment, and sit with it?  Yes, yes I can. No question about it , I sure can.