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 Cultivating Meaningful Connections

Dr. Lori Whatley, with over 25 years of experience in the psychology and the science of connection, specializes in addressing technology overconnectivity. She has successfully helped businesses and families manage distractions while promoting genuine connections. She’s also the author of ‘Connected and Engaged,’ focusing on fostering real connections amidst today’s digital challenges

Dr. Lori has worked with thousands of clients both domestic and international. Her client list spans CEOs and high-level executives of multi-billion-dollar companies, foreign diplomats, professional athletes and award winning producers. As a thought leader in her field, she has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Yahoo News, ESPN, Business Insider plus many local and regional publications.

Dr. Lori  believes in the power of strong connections for better mental well-being. Her approachable style and deep understanding of human emotions make her a go-to resource for creating lasting and meaningful bonds.

Dr. Lori obtained her doctorate Magna Cum Laude from California Southern, her Masters from Mercer Medical School and undergraduate from The University of Georgia. A passionate traveler, Dr. Lori has visited more than 85 countries to date. Despite her success and rising personal brand, her two children continue to be her greatest achievement.

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