I promise, if you don’t put food in your mouth, you won’t get fat. This much I know to be certain. If you don’t believe me, try it and see.

Someone wrote in to me and asked me to blog about weight loss. Ughh, who wants to talk about that, not me. In fact, I think I’ll go have a twinkie.

This is not a happy topic at my house. I really like to write about happy things. What I know is, there is a billion dollar industry out there, making something very simple, complicated. We decide we want to lose weight , and we either do it or we don’t. There is no magic. There are no special pills or prepackaged foods that can do the thing most significant in losing weight, and that is, just say no.

This is not a decision anyone can make for you. Until you prioritize, health over pizza, you wont lose weight. Pinky promise. For some of us, the trade off is not yet worth it. No one can make this decision but you. Wanting to do it, and doing it are two different things. Until you are willing to do it, look in the mirror, and that is as good as it gets. Truth. Reality.

I will say that we have become a society of instant gratification junkies. If its not fast, no thank you. That is one reason many of us don’t do well with this weight loss thing. It takes a while. We are a society of impatient people. We don’t have a while.

This is a short blog , because this is not rocket science. What you put in your mouth is directly related to the number on the scales. Its a stimulus = response thing.