I Choose…..

Where we are in our lives is directly related to choices we’ve made. Everyday we get to make many choices and these choices define us. One of my favorite theorist , Carl Jung said, I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.

We each chart our paths toward a meaningful life by making choices. A meaningful life isn’t defined by perfection. It is paved by mistakes . It means getting knocked down 8 times and getting back up 10. Pain cannot be avoided, but how we manage it is a choice.

Figuring out and choosing is time consuming. It calls for faith, love, courage and hope. Let’s admit , sometimes the ride is scary. It can be anxiety producing and overwhelming. Other times, the journey is full of sunshine. Some days we feel like victims , others we feel like overcomers. At times we are the life of the party and others we are lonely and stressed.

Through it all we choose and these choices determine who we become. All of my life I’ve been interested in people and the choices they make and how they manage their choices. Everyone manages them differently. That’s what I’ve noticed. Some choose to be victims rather than take responsibility for their choices. Some choose to live in denial rather than reality. One thing is certain , all lives encompass regret , pain and mistakes. No one is Safe from struggle. It comes to us all.

We all are presented with things to work through. Some can be really tough. Fortunately , if the sun rises each morning , we get another chance and more choices. Today you can begin from where you are. Not where you wish to go but instead right there where you are.

Don’t spend another minute beating yourself up for your choices . Living in the past causes depression and living in the future causes anxiety. The number one mental illness by the way. You can avoid them both by living in the present.

Look at life and others and situations without judgement. Everything does not have to be labeled good or bad. Some things just are. Extremes are typically unwise choices. Choose to take all of the time you spend in the past or future and use it for right now. The future is not here and the past is spent. It’s over. Done . Put it to rest.

Be brave enough to make mistakes. Don’t let another make your choices. Realize some things in your life you didn’t choose , but you can choose how to handle them. Choose to bloom. Be the person who chooses not to give up but instead chooses to find a way.
Choose to trust your instincts. Choose to forgive yourself and others . Choose to be grateful , always this, most of all this.

You get to make your life. Choose well.