I Bet I can Make You Smile

There are so many kind people in our world. Really . There are. They are out there just waiting to make you smile. This happened to me today. I was traveling for work, and by the time I checked into my hotel it was quite late. 11 pm. My day started at 5 am so I am sure I looked quite frightful when I came dragging myself into the lobby . This very nice lady at the desk, she said you smell so nice. I giggled. I looked around to see if there was another she was talking to. I put my perfume on at 5am and by now, surely it was long gone. I said, “Who me? Really? ” She flashed her pearly whites and gave me another smile and she said , yes mam, and I am going to give you an upgrade because you smell so nice. I am not the girl who gets upgrades ever. Except, well I could say something here , but I wont. So I never get moved up to first class on flights, I never get my rental  car biggie sized and I never win the scratch offs.

So , yes, I was pretty excited. Mainly, I was happy to see the good people in our world, being good. They are there . We just have to turn off our tv and we will see them. They are in the darndest places. Most of them are the ones that have little to give, besides a smile and encouragement. Just that is enough some days.The Beatles were right, some days all you need is love.

Seeing the destruction Michael left behind in the Panhandle, and how so many have reached out to help is so encouraging. It reminds me what a lovely world we live in. People helping people , at the very worst of times. I feel like Michael has brought my little beach community so much closer together. We all took his destruction personally. We all came together to help. Its been amazing and uplifting. Our world is good.

That person you see today looking so sad. Give them a smile. Its free. Did you know some of the best things in life are free? You will feel better and so will they. When we smile it lifts our mood. True story. Turning the corners of your mouth up, this releases endorphins in your brain. Endorphins are the chemicals that are responsible for our feelings of pleasure. So you see , we all win when we give away a smile. Do it. Smile right this minute:)