How to Get Through the Holidays With Less Tech

In just a few weeks the Holidays arrive. This year prioritize relationships over technology. Put your digital devices down and be truly connected and engaged. Eye contact is a great way to start. No head down , fingers scrolling when you are visiting with Aunt Nellie and cousin John. Be present and completely there. Be all in.

Imagine the wonderful conversation you can have around the Thanksgiving table if you leave your digital devices at home. Focus on the most important things in life and the real interactions in person that matter most. When you put your tech down you will notice random , small things that you don’t typically see. Everything becomes a little clearer.

Spend time in the car with friends looking at Christmas lights, rather than on social media looking at others pictures as they drive around viewing the Holiday decorations. Take time to create your own Christmas memories instead of living through those posted on social media.

We won’t get this exactly right but take the 24 hours you are given each day and use it to live and make memories. If you must visit social media land, give yourself a limited amount of time , say 30 minutes in the afternoon to scroll, then go cold turkey until the following day. Tech companies are in a race for our attention and you can bet it won’t be easy to log off. But practice makes perfect and once you make it a new boundary for yourself, you will be just fine. Better than fine. You will be focused and more connected and engaged.

Be sure to make unplugging a fun thing at your house rather than a punishment. Give a prize for the family member that stays unplugged the longest. Make a meal together.Wrap gifts and go Christmas caroling. All tech free this year. Make sure everyone is involved in the tech free Holiday so no one is sitting on the sofa scrolling while everyone else has surrendered their devices. If everyone is commited to no tech Holiday it will be easier to be succesful. Be sure to give the family the news of the no tech Holiday a couple weeks before you plan to take the tech, so no one feels unprepared.

The best gift you can give this Holiday season is your attention.