Each One, Teach One

I was thinking today, what difference would it make in the world, if each of us pick one person in need and support them?  What if we help them in the ways they most need , after getting to know them, and making this determination? What a difference we could make in a life, and in our world. What if each of us lends an ear to one person who needs to talk and be heard? What if each of us listen to one person, share their story? These are such small sacrifices that can make such big differences.

Have you ever noticed how good it feels to help another , especially if they can do nothing to pay you back? There is this thing called a givers high, we get it when we practice altruistic giving.  Its amazing. Don’t take my word for it. Try it and see. Find one person who you  choose to make a difference in the life of. You can do this with as little as one hour a week, or a few minutes each day . You can do this with little or no money. All you need is a willingness to care, and donate time to another with the expectation of nothing in return.

Imagine if we all did this. We could improve our national debt and our world situation. The situation where there is a divide between haves and haves not. The situation where we think we are too busy, so we will let someone else do it. The situation where we feel so empty, because all we do is consume, with little thought of giving unconditionally. The situation where there are folks out there with no food, and we push our half eaten plates into the garbage for the third time each day. What if we leveraged our time, and our resources to make a difference for others instead of for ourselves. What if we each gave up our latte, just one day out of each week, and sent the money to a food shelter? If the whole world was doing this , what a difference we could make.

If we took the time we spend on social media each week, volunteering our time for the benefit of others, our world would be so much richer. If we made an extra lunch, and gave it to the homeless man as we walk to work, what a difference a meal could make. We could feed our world and contribute to ending world hunger. If we gave one outfit from our closet to a thrift closet for the needy, if everyone of us did this, we would clothe our world. These are not big sacrifices, but they make such big differences. Imagine.

Why are so few people contributing in ways to make a difference ? Why are we all not interested in making small changes in our lives, to make big differences in the world ?Why do we leave this important job to just a few ? It takes a village.

If we spent less time trying to look good, and instead were intentional about being the person we pretend to be, what a different world we could live in. If everyone of us wrapped a gift during the Holidays and gave it to a family in need. Then there would be no tears on Christmas morning. Everyone would have , not just some. I don’t know it seems like such a simple answer to a complex problem. Why do we wring our hands and point our fingers, why don’t we just do it? Do the thing we expect others to do . Take the time, and our resources to each pick one person, and make a difference in their life. If we each taught a person to read, and then that person taught a person, and passed it on, there would be no illiteracy. Why don’t we be practical, and use common sense, to solve the problems that seem insurmountable in our world, but are not. It just takes action from all, not just one. It takes each of us doing it , instead of leaving that important job to another. It takes everyone contributing , for everyone to see a difference. The journey begins with one. YOU.