Disconnect with Preconceived Ideas of Others

There is no horror like looking up the escalator and seeing your 81 year old mother tumble backwards to your feet. I can’t say I will ever forget that sight, emblazoned on my brain and into my memory forever I feel quite sure. There were so many angels who stepped in to help. None of them looked like me. Our world is full of good people. That is my take away from this accident.

My mother and I were ending our girls weekend together, and on our last leg of the trip at the airport.It as such a lovely weekend and I could hardly keep up with her. I had collected our bags and we headed to the escalator to go to curbside for her pickup. She climbed on the escalator in front of me and lost her footing. I had our bags and was heading up behind her. The first thing I recall was a huge man behind me, who climbed over me to get my mom back on her feet, as I was not able to get her up. He was so kind and talking to her so gently letting her know he was going to help her get back on her feet and not to be afraid, quite frankly he was a man she would likely have been afraid of under other circumstances. He held her up until another man at the top of the escalator then helped us get her to a seat.

During the fall all of our bags ended up in a pile at the bottom of the escalator including my purse. My laptop, cellphone, wallet and other personal items spilled out all across the floor. As I was checking mother out for broken bones and to access her injuries, this young man made three trips to return my luggage and gather my purse and it’s contents and bring them to me. He had gold teeth, diamond earrings and his pants were around his knees and he also wore a basketball jersey. I remember that. I share this story because although it was the scariest thing I have ever experienced, I look back and am so grateful for the people who helped us. I am reminded through this accident that our world is full of really good people and they don’t always show up the way we expect or look like we think they will. There were lots of tattoos. What a wonderful reminder that we all don’t have to be the same, and judging a person by their outside appearance is a real shame, and when we do this it says alot about us and nothing about them.

In that moment, everyone worked together. No one cared about skin color, political preference, religious beliefs or gender. Human life and helping others was the task at hand. When the chips were down everyone pitched in. Why can’t we do this in everyday life ? Why can’t we let go of wanting everyone to think like us and look like us?

PS. My mom is fine. She is one amazing woman. I hope I grow up to be just like her one day.