Disconnect With Insurance

Have you ever noticed how insurance plays on our fears? I open my computer and it tells me, if I buy spam insurance it will save me from my account being spammed, as if this will ruin my life if someone actually spams me and if this insurance actually prevents such.

Yesterday, I had someone tell me via email they knew my passwords, and if I did not send them $50,000 they were going into all of my friend contacts and send them pics of me photoshopped with porn stars. I sent them a return note and requested that they pick skinny ones to photo shop my head onto, because that is likely the only way I will ever be skinny.

I think it is time we realize, there is no assurance of safety and security. Now our world is even more complicated due to the internet, and cyber hackers can pretty much get into all of our stuff if they want to. This is a great opportunity for us to “let go” and realize, there are some things that are simply out of our control. All of the insurance in the world won’t save us from the category 5 hurricane, or the other things that go bump in the night. Certainly, the benefits of the internet far outweigh the negatives, so I am not going to disengage out of fear.

We can become so caught up in trying to secure our world from the darkness that we forget to live. Fear is one of the most common emotions we all experience and yes, marketers are really good at cashing in on this overwhelming need we all have to try to feel secure.

Fear works like this, we have a thought and the brain reacts by releasing chemicals which raise our heart rate, then this surge of stress chemicals causes our muscles to tense. Our fight or flight kicks in and we have to determine, is this real or imagined danger? We don’t consciously trigger this reaction, but we can learn how to manage it so we dont become debilitated by it.

Insurance companies are very good at creating fear as are marketers of anti aging lotions. In an instant , we have to decide if we really need what they are selling, or if it will benefit them far more than us. Sometimes this can be difficult when we are experiencing the sudden flow of epinephrine and many other body chemicals that send us into a high stress state.

All of these physical responses were meant to help primitive man survive in the world of constant danger, because if they couldn’t be afraid they wouldn’t survive. The purpose of our fear is to promote survival. They key is fearing the appropriate things. When we fear all things, we operate in a constant state of anxiety. Darwin says “our will and reason is powerless against the imagination of a danger which has never been experienced”

How many of the dangers which you fear will likely never be experienced? Does the story that you tell yourself keep you in a state of heightened anxiety? What is it like to live this way?

Look at the stories you tell yourself and decide which ones are not helpful and need to be eliminated from your thoughts. Yes, the storm is coming and it might wipe out your property, but you better read the fine print and know if the insurance has a loophole to avoid reimbursing you. There is no real insurance against life. It is meant to be lived and enjoyed not feared and disdained.