Disconnect from Regret

We must honor the past experiences which have shaped us. They have made us who we are.

Daily I hear things like “I’m so stupid,I can’t believe I trusted him”,” Why did she have to leave me”, “Im too fat”, “My parents were not caring”.

We all have stories and these are all parts of our story. The good and the bad. When we accept them and embrace the lessons they brought us, then we are able to move forward without regret. None of us leave this life unscathed by something that did not change our lives. We get to choose what we will do with the bad things, and the parts that will change our trajectory, if we let them.

We can be sad about the negative things that happened in our past, but when we let them define us and keep us stuck , then we perpetuate the suffering. We are destroyed when we stay stuck and hate our experiences. Hating what happened is different from not growing and being transformed by it.

Our stories can open the door to our life purpose. Our stories can teach us about our emotional needs, and the patterns in our lives that are obstacles for our growth. Our stories can heal us. They are real and they can be appreciated and push us towards self-actualization. That thing that makes us be the best us and create our best selves.

Ignoring or denying our stories serves no purpose that benefits us. In fact, quite the opposite. Minimizing our stories makes us small. Denying our story makes us disappear. Instead, we must acknowledge our story and celebrate our resilience. This is how we move through things , by confronting them.

Bad things happen to all of us, it’s our perspective that decides how things will go moving forward. Sometimes we have to get out of our own way so we can live our best life. Sometimes we have to make peace with our past. Those who want to hold you in the past, they may need to go to. Be willing to let go of the things, and the people who won’t let you grow and progress. This leads to you living your life in the most expansive way possible.

Our present lives depend on how we respond to our past. We are 10 % what happened to us, and 90% our response to that experience. We can be shaped by them all. How will you shape your future, by accepting and claiming your past?