Disconnect from Machines

With just a few simple lifestyle changes I can add time to my life. For example, I can take the stairs rather than the elevator, and this will build my heart strength. I can walk to the airport from the parking lot, rather than taking the tram. I can find ways everyday to add movement to my body, which will build health and increase life longevity.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology that makes my life easier, but I realize there are some ways I can make my life longer through disconnecting from machines.

When we can overcome our mental obstacles to moving our bodies versus not moving them, we can add years to our lives, as well as feel so much better. We can increase our quality of life as we know that a sedentary lifestyle adds to cardiovascular disease and other major heath issues. We can actually add movement without any major time commitment, simply by making small adjustments.

When we can shift our thoughts about exercise and realize it is adding to our lives, rather than taking away, then we will embrace the movement.

Yes, when you go with automation you are conserving energy but this does nothing for your health, other than impair it.

Did you know movement as small as chewing gum can burn 20% more calories in your day? Making motions like this a part of your daily life can improve your health, and optimize your day. This keeps machines from taking your health. Resisting the urge to use automation rather than personal motion, can improve your life greatly. Get up off that sofa and get moving. You will feel so much better immediately.