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Connect With Your Kids

So here is the thing, it is back to school time for kids all over the world. We send them to school to be educated and smart, and we have to consider their emotional intelligence as important also. Because you can have the highest IQ in the world, but if you don’t have an emotional IQ, then you are going nowhere. You are not whole, with only half the smarts.

You want your kids to be well equipped for life, equip them. The best time I ever had with my kids was in the car driving them to the bus, or to their lessons or whatnot. They are a captive audience and they will provide so much helpful information for your parenting if you will connect with them in this small timeframe you get uninterrupted with your kids. Take advantage of this opprotunity parents.

Uninterrupted is the key word here. Can you imagine what it is like for your kids to climb into the car after a long day at school and want to tell you all about it but you are on the phone? Carpool time with the kids needs to be a “no phone zone”. Give them your undivided attention. There is nothing more important.

Dont undermine your childs education by being distracted by your digital devices when they are around. Yes, school is important but what they learn from you , modeled by you , is important also. Those teachers are great at their school, but you are the teacher about life and emotional intelligence. Be the best teacher you can be for your kids and give them the best possible chance in life to be whole. Hang up your phone. Pick up your kid:)

If you want your kids to be distracted and disconnected, then ignore them and be on the phone in their presence. If you want to have connected and engaged kids, then invest in them. Put your digital devices down, look them in the eye and talk to them, giving them your undivided attention. Do you know what this says for them, it say “you are important, the only thing I am interested in right this minute is you and I”. What a great message to give a child. This builds self esteem and confidence. This is as important as arithmetic, history and English.

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