Connect with You

Do you know who you are, who you really, really are? Not who the world tells you to be or your momma or your spouse, but who you know yourself to be internally.

It begins at birth, everyone else’s agenda is projected onto your from day one. I recall when one of my kids was born, the first time I held that glorious baby, I projected all of my wishes verbally right onto that big hunk of love. That child has spent most of its life trying to prove that I am not the boss of it. (not giving away any clues on which child) There is nothing attractive about living your life through your child. (Its ok if they dont go to Harvard as long as they are living their life and not yours)

So it begins early and snowballs from there. Parents, teachers, coaches, friends, siblings, partners and employers all add to the list of folks telling you who to be. The folks that land in my office, many are trying to peel back the layers and find their true selves. It’s really hard sometimes because the real them is buried deep. So we begin the journey of peeling back the layers to find the true self.

Good mental health comes when we decide for ourselves who we are, and how we are going to spend our time and live our life. When we know OUR preferences , our desires and our wishes as opposed to someones else’s for us, then we are on the path to freedom.

Our own personal truth is the map to begin our journey. When you lose your way, you will regain your direction by asking that question, what do I want? You will know you are lost when you experience depression, anxiety and unhappiness. This means it is time to stop what you are doing, and look within to understand why your check engine light is on. What is it trying to tell you?

Look into your self and learn truths about you that discard your societal conditioning. Find your inner voice that will always be available to guide you and steer you, as you grow away from your present thought processes that are no longer working for you. Take a long, hard look at the places in your life that are disconnected and unsatisfying.

Today is the day for a paradigm shift that will rock your world. You be you and you do your lane and let the others do theirs.  The answers are all there, inside of you. Stop looking to another for the answers you have within. You save you. What do you want?

Wake yourself up, live authentically and experience happiness and joy. Peel back the layers and find you. When you are doing you , joy abounds. Leave frustrations behind and get out of that rut. Bring clarity and direction by connecting with your true you.

Why not?