Connect with Smart Tech Habits

There are many things we can do to eliminate a lot of the useless tech in our lives that steals our mind space and focus. I will include a few tips on this blog today which are easy to implement if you feel you need a mini digital detox.

If you have Gmail you can adjust your settings to only show email messages when you click “show inbox”. This way you are not constantly distracted by the new email notifications.

The blue light from our screens at night causes our bodies to think it is daytime and tricks them into not producing melatonin , a brain chemical needed for sleep . You can turn on Nightshift on IOS devices to cut back on the blue light emitted from digital devices. You will feel energized after a good nights sleep and you will be glad you did this.

Most of us have no idea how much time we spend doddling online. You can track this by going to Moment on IOS devices. You may be surprised at the time you while away online.

It is easy to send and archive emails right after you send them and then they will reappear in your inbox when the recipient reads the email. You can do this by enabling Send + archive on your settings. This is only available on gmail.

It is possible to temporarily block certain apps or websites on your laptop, phone or desktop using Freedom for mac and window users.

Are you so tired of receiving the Robo calls? NOMOROBO will block spam marketers and telemarketers and increase the time you spend doing things you enjoy . Not answering intrusive sales calls.

Facebook allows you to remove the newsfeed which is a problem for many as they get pulled into the attention grabbers implanted by tech developers. This can be done by using a Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator.

Flipd is an app that touts it allows it’s users to have 100 more minutes distraction-free online. The app temporarily locks you out of distracting games, social media and more which protects you from wasting time through online distractions.

These are just a few ways to take back your life from constant tech distractions.