Connect with Perseverance

There is not much one cannot accomplish with perseverance. This is one of the most important elements of achieving ones goals. Perseverence. In any area of your life, you can persevere and accomplish much.

There are so many things we don’t feel like doing in life, but when we use our minds to help us push forward and persevere we can achieve our goals. All of them. Even the biggest.

When you decide what your greatest goal is, persevere, push through and do it. Don’t sit and let the idea pass, because when it passes, your opportunity to achieve passes also.

I remember having lunch once with a friend who told me, he thought most of his successes in life he achieved simply because he was willing to show up. Even when he didn’t feel like it, he still showed up. This was good advice.

So many of us stop showing up, right before the miracle occurs. We give up on a friend, a child, or a spouse, a little too soon. We are exhausted and we think we can’t hang on any longer, and so we let go, and then we miss the miracle.

We can silently continue to move toward our goals with firm perseverance. We can be the only one in the world who knows our dream, and we can do one thing to move toward making it happen every day.

Maybe we give up on ourselves, right before that dream was about to come true. We never know when the dream is about to happen, so if it is a dream, never give up on it. Sometimes the one who wins, is the one who shows up, one more time than the rest.

Dreams don’t have to have expiration dates. Clarify in your mind what your dream is. Be very specific with yourself about this dream. Spell it out and know what you want, and then go after it. Full force.

Of course, most of the time the biggest obstacle to our dream is us. We talk ourselves out of that thing we want the most. We tell ourselves stories that work against obtaining our dream goals. Be careful of the story you are telling you. Only tell yourself positive things that can move you closer to your goal.

If you have a dream beyond your resources, persevere and find the knowledge, and learn the skills to get there. As humans, we use such a small part of our brainpower. And the part we use, we don’t always use properly. We don’t obtain our dreams because we don’t tell ourselves that we can, and then we dont stop until we get there. To that dream.

Intentions don’t get us to this dream we have. Perseverance does. Movement every day a little bit towards that dream. This is your map to success. Eliminate all people who dont believe in you. You can believe in yourself. That is enough. You are enough.

So dream a dream, and then capture it. What are you waiting for?