Connect with Overcoming

This week two amazing things have happened and the timing has been impeccable. First, we saw a man who fell so very far and hard from grace, rise again. Then we saw a terrible fire consume a historical religous relic, and in the ashes stood a gleaming gold cross. Both events during the week when the greatest comeback of all occurred. A man rose from the dead .

Timing is everything, and the timing of this trio of reminders has been amazing. It is a reminder that even in the ashes, there is beauty. It is a reminder that much beauty can come from ashes. If we believe.

Not many were  untouched by Tiger Woods resurgence. He is an example for us all of a man who made mistakes, lots of them, and yet even as he was persecuted by his colleagues and fans, and told he would not make a comeback, he put his head down and did the work and he made it happen. He rose again. He learned from his humility and this is a beautful thing.  Most do not know the strength it takes to overcome addiction. The struggles others dont see. This is not the work of a weak man. This same strength motivated and moved Tiger back into the winners circle.

It reminded us that even when those around us speak negativity and have no faith, we can take their doubt and use it as motivation to reach for the stars, and capture them. When we decide that no is just one step closer to yes, then we are on the path to winning. We must never let another’s doubt define us. Instead we can allow it to refine us, and push us toward our dreams. Then when we get there, we thank them for their part in our story.

The valleys are what define us. Not the mountain tops. I have never met a person on the mountain top, who did not over come many valleys to get there. This is the beauty of the human spirit and motivation and overcoming. I have the best job in the world. Every single day I get to watch people pick themselves up from their lowest ever, and keep going. I get to watch them overcome and rise. Even from the darkest ash.

We love a good story of hard workd and reilience and overcoming against all odds. We got three this week. There is beauty in even the darkness of each of these examples. Reminders for us all that we can comeback from anything with faith in ourselves. Nothing is unredeemable. The people who dont believe this, and whose negative words ring in our ears, our story of redemption can be their lesson. We can turn their doubt into belief. Quietly as we make our way to the mountaintop. Stepping over the obstacles and around the debris. Learning everyday a better way to live, and to be, and to ascend.

We may stumble and fall but rise again (Ghandi) When we rise one more time than we fall , then we are winners, overcomers. When we don’t listen to the naysayers, and alow their doubt to extinguish our belief, even when their doubt makes sense, when we do it anyway, then we rise and we win. There is no joy like doing that thing you were told you could not do.