Connect with Integrity

Tolstoy says we all think of changing the world, and yet none of us realize this begins with changing ourselves. Be the change you wish to see in the world. This is how we change the world.

In the real estate transaction where everyone is money motivated, be the honest one. In the office where no one has time, be the patient one. In the neighborhood where one is litigious, be gracious. Make your word golden.

Our individual attempts to live right are never wasted. This is the way that can change our planet.

It seems every single day we have a chance to be the one with integrity. The opportunities are plentiful. Every day we are faced with choices and our choices become a commentary on who we truly are, even when no one is looking. Especially then.

It’s up to us. We can spend our lives cultivating integrity, or we can grow our self absorption and cravings. When we continue to strengthen our negative behaviors, then we will surely sow the seeds of misery.

Our well being and that of others depends on the daily choices we make. We can begin right now and right where we are. Making better choices. Choices that serve others as well as ourselves.

We all have the capacity to choose love, if we will. We can choose a new way and even be a little uncomfortable at first. We can make it our everyday practice to accept and embrace. Even that which we find unacceptable.

When we let go of self and work together, we can do amazing things. When we take responsibility for our behaviors and let go of blame, positive things can happen. All bad behaviors can be temporary and replaced by better habits.

We are always presented in life with the things we most need to learn. However, it is not always so easy. But we can do it. Yes, we can.