Connect with Hope

Hope is that ingredient we have to have to move forward. If we have no hope, we sit still. As a therapist, I try to always give hope to my clients. When spending time with them, I am always looking for a sliver of hope to point out to them, so they will be encouraged to do the work to move forward.

When you have given others hope, they respond. They want to have hope and to be encouraged and motivated. It is a multi billion dollar industry. People pay Tony Robbins thousands of dollars to spend a weekend with him, giving them hope in many different forms. People want to get ahead and do things great. Some have never had the gift of hope to help them achieve their dreams. I have seen those with less ability than others, but belief and hope in themselves, surpass those with greater skills, to attain their goals many times.

Just a glimpse of hope can be enough. I had a client once who was an immigrant and in the US trying hard to make her way. She noticed my book case┬áin my office, where I keep books for my clients to borrow as needed, and she chose a book from a popular motivator. She spent the weekend reading it, and the parts she didn’t understand due to a language barrier, she got help with. She read the book through twice and made notes. She decided to use the ideas in this book to build a better life for she and her daughter. She began getting up earlier every morning and she had a self growth routine she engaged in, then she showed up at work earlier than all the rest. She began being the last to leave work in the evenings. Upper management took notice and they began to give her supervisory duties, and moved her up the ladder into management. I am happy to say she is still with this same company today, years later, as the CEO.

When hope walks in the door, things change. There is suddenly a future and we begin to take advantage of what we have where we are. Doors begin to open and we learn to walk through them. When doors close, we turn left and we keep going. We have hope.

How do you get your hope tank full? It is essential. Hope can help us set goals and be persistent about working toward them. Hope can inspire you to do that thing everyone says you can’t do, because you don’t have what it takes. But if one person believes in you. There is hope. Especially when that one person is you.