Connect with Digital Decluttering

We are products of what we think and much of what we think is from what we see . Here online. In this case, we want to be careful about what we take in, so we can enjoy a positive life.

Sometimes it seems the agenda online is for polarization. But we do get to choose how. when and what we engage in online. The data is accumulating now and we know it affects us, and sometimes not in positive ways.

We must learn to question and fact check the information we take in online. Everything is not always as it seems, and anyone can say anything here due to lack of accountability. That old adage, if it seems to strange or good to be true, likely it is. Check it out before you repeat it or spread it. I learned my lesson the hard way. I saw online that Clint Eastwood had died and for the rest of the day I was sad and sharing the untrue news with others. Finally, someone corrected me and while I was thrilled that he is still alive, I was wondering what purpose starting this rumor (that I helped spread) served?

If the culture of social media is getting you down, unplug for a while. These apps are designed to suck you in and hold your attention. Whatever they have to do it . They will and beleive me they know how to do it and have employeed those with the skills to help.

All social media is not created equal. This we know to be true. Some is like the National Geographic and other similar to the Enquirer.

We need time when we are alone with our own thoughts, and this was the way life was until about a decade ago. Now, high-speed internet keeps us from moments with ourselves. We have a constant input of information, and often we don’t even have time to monitor if the information is something we want to subject ourselves to before it is in our brain to stay. Sometimes people are not nice online and we are constantly subjected to this and have to make the choice to be neutral and not engage in polarizing tactics.

Have a framework and decide how much social media you will allow into your life each day. Be intentional about blocking time where it is just you with you and your thoughts. Not distracted by the internet. Phone off. Laptop and iPod off. Our lives are digital device dominated , but they dont have to be. We can choose to turn them off and experience better connection and engagement.

Online interactions can bring out the worst in us. We judge others and become keyboard warriors and this is polarizing our world. This week, dont take the bait, swim by the hook and dont get involved in online battles or negativity. Just be nice.

We can stop looking at posts that make us unhappy. We can stop following accounts that bring us down.We can use our digital devices in a way that contributes positively to our mental health and overall wellbeing.

This is how you do it. Block. Unfollow. Cancel. Unfriend.Unsubscribe.Delete and Decline. This is how you digitally streamline your life.