Connect with Confidence

Coco Chanel said beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. I believe this. We all spend so much time being what others wish for us to be, we sometimes arent even aware. We become so lost in others agendas for us, we dont realize we lost ourselves along the way.

Plato said the greatest wealth is to live content. We are content when we are living OUR authentic best life. Ours, not someone elses. If you are in a relationship that requires you to be someone other than you, then it might benefit you to revaluate that relationship. No valuable relationship should ask you to give up you. Dont change so others will love you, be yourself and the right people will love the real you. The priveledge of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.-Jung

Who are you ? Do you know? When you peel back the layers, what do you find?

The greatest prison we can live in is the fear of what others think. Of course, this is part of low self-esteem, when we need others to validate us. As we grow and learn to be confident, we take our power back by validating ourselves. We can never give that important job to another.

Doubt kills our dreams, more than failure ever will. So we must cast all doubt aside and move forward towards our goals. Life will begin for us at the end of our comfort zone. As we push our selves and do those scary things. This is when real growth occurs. We never grow in the security of our comfort zone.

Sometimes we are fortunate and life is sweet, and we say thank you for this, and then as life often does, it takes a turn and becomes bitter, we say thank you for this also, and we grow. The people who are the most successful and content in their lives are able to look back and see the bad events in their lives as opportunities. Often in our lives, before something great happens, everything falls apart. It’s the algorithm of life.

So if you are in a downturn, be excited, the best is yet to come. Broken crayons still color. Go color your world confident and make it YOURS.