Connect with Community

Maslow was right, we need each other. I need you and you need me. We all need each other. This week we were reminded over and over again how important community is when we saw how New York pulled together, 18 years ago on Sept 11. Heck, the whole world pulled together and hurt for us . It was beautiful being supported this way.

We could have remained isolated and in our corners, angry and afraid, but we all came out and soothed each other in the best way possible. We were there for each other. We let our masks drop, and we cried together and tried to figure it all out, and that was how we healed. Being curious and raw together.

The important things in life are connecting and community, all the rest is static that disconnects us from these healthy interactions. Think of a cup of coffee shared with a friend, so much better. A sunset. A laugh. Life is better in groups. Find your tribe and connect and enjoy the benefits that come with doing life with others.

We need others to be there for us, and sometimes we need to be there for others. Life was not meant to be lived in complete solitude. It’s meant to be shared and explored, and enjoyed with others. Who are your people? You will know when you have found them, because you can be you in their presence, and being in their presence is easy. You can be yourself and they will love you just like that. When you are so completely you, they will fel safe being who they are too.

We all have to find people who love life like we do. This will feel like home for us. We are never too old, and it is never too late. This is the perfect time for you to find your people and become connected and engaged. The research on loneliness is a harsh reminder that we die without others. We must connect because this all ends one day. We must pursue others and engage. Begin to live like your life matters and your time is important. We don’t have forever to wait for others to come to us, we must begin our own search and move towards them. You never have to force what is real. This is how you will know you have found your people. Their easy.