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Connect With Anger

Whoa, you say . I thought I am not supposed to be angry. Well, yes, anger is fine. It is experienced on the path to forgiveness. However, what you do with your anger can be a problem at times. If you are violent, that’s not ok, ever, there is no exception. But being angry is part of a process. It is healthy. We can’t by pass it and be ok.

Our world right now is very angry, and quite possibly because it is not being processed properly, it is growing. The violence we see, this is unhealthy anger. We see this often in divorce, one parent will use their kids to hurt the other parent. Again, this is violent. Not ok. Ever. If you are doing this you are a child in an adults body, behaving like a child. A violent child.I often say this is a commentary on why the person is divorcing someone who behaves this way.

If you are angry and you are painting graffiti on other peoples buildings and belongings, you are not in a healthy place. You need help. This is never acceptable nor should it be tolerated. There must be consequences for people who behave this way. If we over look it , quite possibly we are as unhealthy as they are.

So we must allow others to be angry, but we must not allow their anger to become violent. Violent behavior is to have boundaries. We must have high fences from those who behave this way and we must remove ourselves from their presence. You can’t negotiate or converse peacefully with a terrorist. Love yourself enough to move away from these kind of people.

It is not your job to fix them or change them, nor is that possible. If you continue to associate with violent people, then you are saying their behavior is ok. There must be consequences for people who behave violently. This is how you will help them the most, through healthy boundaries and not allowing them access to you. So hit “block” and disconnect from those whose behavior is hurtful and inappropriate.

This will involve you being in touch with yourself and being ok with being angry about being mistreated. You must know that you are worthy of being treated better and you deserve better. When you don’t have boundaries you are not prioritizing yourself. Our boundaries are born from a place of love, love for self and others. When we have boundaries with others we are sending them a message that we are worthy of being treated appropriately and we are sending our self the same message. So yes, be angry when you are not treated well, healthy anger managed properly is ok. If you are not angry when you are mistreated then we should wonder why not?

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