Connect with Academic Success

Being a student is harder than ever due to the many distractions out there. Parties, more parties and digital distractions. Students are finding they have the new challenge of maintaining focus during their college days through digital minimalism. This helps them grow their productivity and creativity, which in turn improves their grades. And this of course, pleases mom and dad.

Our kids are off at college and learning to manage their own schedules for the first time ever and it can be truly overwhelming for many. There are a few things college students can do to make this transition easier while staying connected and engaged.

The first tip is to turn off all notifications. This is a huge help. Most students have FOMO, but just know that you won’t. Stay focused and get the studying done and then you will find the fun stuff waiting. It’s easy to discover where everyone is and what they are doing at any given moment through social media. But there are some moments when you don’t need to know, instead, you must push through the school “to do ” list and get that part of your day out of the way. We know that it takes up to 25 minutes to refocus when interrupted during studying, etc. and it also infringes upon the quality of learning and absorbing the subject matter so this is another reason for turning off notifications.

Another tip is to use the phone to work for you and not you working for it. It is great to form study groups around the courses you are enrolled in and to gain support from other students this way. Very helpful. Some colleges are so large and this is a good way to shrink the environment and get to know the other students. This can help lower stress and form helpful connections.

It is significant not to be so involved in your phone and chat groups that you don’t make in-person connections. We are wired for in-person connection and we suffer when this is not an option, or when we are isolated in a dorm room for too long gaming or studying, or any other online activity. Simply use your digital devices to set up in-person experiences but not as your entire social life.

When digital devices are used properly they can actually improve your social life and college experience. We simply have to make friends with our tech and use it to our advantage. Squelch possibilities for device usage addiction and improve your academic success by being intentional with your tech. Just a few adjustments can go along way and improve your connection and engagement.