Compare and Despair

Comparison is a killer of joy. Don’t do it. Nothing good can come of this.

You are unique and self love is a must. Be the very best you can be, with no thoughts about the others. Let go of thoughts of others and you will find peace.

We can always find someone thinner, smarter , richer and the list goes on. But why are we looking? Why put ourselves through this discomfort? Just stop.

Social media is the place this happens the most. We see Mary on there and she has the holiday that we wanted. Guess what, no one puts their real life on fakebook. It just doesn’t happen. So you are not comparing yourself to reality, and this of course does not end well.

For you to grow you need to become aware of behaviors that no longer work for you, or benefit you. Comparison is one such behavior. Let it go.

Let go because you are not there, you are here. Choose to be you and be grateful for the you , you are. There is beauty in every single person. Find yours, not someone else’s.

Trying to keep up with another is like being on a hamster wheel. It is exhausting and steals so much of our lives. Take your life back. Stop comparing.

Give yourself permission to be you. Allow your self love to be greater than your self doubt. Self doubt is multiplied through comparison.

Look around you and appreciate what you have and who you are. Every single thing about you is a gift. Only for you.

Time is poorly spent , looking at others good fortune. We miss so many of our own. We don’t live our reality when we are reaching for another’s.

You are enough, just like you are, and so let others be just like they are. That is not yours. Don’t pick it up.

When we look around and compare ourselves to others, we will not find peace or joy. This is the very best way to begin down the path of unhappiness. For nothing good ever comes of comparison.

Self acceptance allows you to be you and me to be me, and what a beautiful thing our uniqueness is. Do not make yourself small by comparing you to them. Give yourself permission to be who you are, and love yourself for who you are.

Today sit quietly and be thankful for all that you have. Count your blessings one by one. There are so many.

Most of our unhappiness comes from comparison, and wishing for something we don’t have, or that we are not. This is a dead end road. This takes us to a sad place.

What an amazing thing to love yourself , just as you are , not as you want to be, because someone else is.