Change Your Thoughts, Change your life

What if it is true that our thoughts determine the trajectory of our lives ? What if our thoughts determine our level of happiness and satisfaction ? This means we should be intentional about what we think , its obviously significant.

Our minds are capable of so much more than we can imagine . They have the capacity to see things positively or negatively. What one person believes is a Godsend , another might consider disastrous. Where we stare , we typically steer so lets be thoughtful of the place we are looking.

There is power in positive thinking. We are faced with a choice to complain about things or we can put a positive spin on things. We can reframe and have a better experience because of our shift in thoughts. One person sees a mountain as an opportunity to exercise and become stronger, another sees a mountain as impassible,exhausting and devastating.

Research has found that the direction a relationship will follow is directly related to “the story” we tell about it. For instance , with a couple , if I request you to tell me your story about the relationship and one persons story is full off happiness and sadness expressed in a positive manner ,embracing all possibilities and highs and lows of the relationship. The other might explain it as troublesome from the start with many obstacles which tear the relationship apart in this persons mind. One sees obstacles as a way to become closer while working through them and the other sees them as more than the relationship can manage and devastating. The story we tell ourselves about our significant relationships should be intentionally positive if we want them to be lasting.

Our perspective of a situation determines our happiness. External experiences cannot make our mood if we reframe everything into a positive mental attitude.
Anyone can be a negative Nellie , it takes intentional thoughts to reframe positive in our mental attitudes. The experience itself is not what determines your happiness, the way you see it, your perspective , this is the deciding factor for happiness. Fear itself is a reflection of our thoughts. The thing we fear is conquerable if we can change our perspective. Happiness is simply wanting what you have and embracing it.

For example, if we tell ourselves, I am not enough, then this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. We move in that direction. If we see a challenge as exciting and fulfilling, we are much more likely to overcome it. All of our failures come from our negative thoughts. Change your thoughts, change your life. Our mind believes what we tell it, so we must be mindful of the story we tell ourselves about situations, experiences and who we are. We must teach our minds that everything is possible and that life is good and that experiencing good and bad in life is the norm.

Monitoring our insecurities and asking ourselves, who told me this? Why do I think this way and reframing negative thoughts into positive possibilities can change our lives. One person sees a rainstorm and another sees nature watering their crops. One person sees a losing team and another sees an opportunity to be a winner with no pressure in the climb from worst to first. So yes, change your perspective, change your life.