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Insights on the effects of an over-connected society and how to disconnect from your device so you can connect with yourself, your family and your career.

Disconnect from Time Wasters

By drlori11 / October 27, 2019 /

Our time is precious because we can never get it back. Our most valuable currency is time itself. We are…

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Disconnect from Regret

By drlori11 / October 20, 2019 /

We must honor the past experiences which have shaped us. They have made us who we are. Daily I hear…

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Connect With Anger

By drlori11 / September 22, 2019 /

Whoa, you say . I thought I am not supposed to be angry. Well, yes, anger is fine. It is…

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Connect with Confidence

By drlori11 / June 30, 2019 /

Coco Chanel said beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. I believe this. We all spend so much…

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Disconnect from Machines

By drlori11 / June 24, 2019 /

With just a few simple lifestyle changes I can add time to my life. For example, I can take the…

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Connect with Perseverance

By drlori11 / June 2, 2019 /

There is not much one cannot accomplish with perseverance. This is one of the most important elements of achieving ones…

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Connect with Integrity

By drlori11 / May 26, 2019 /

Tolstoy says we all think of changing the world, and yet none of us realize this begins with changing ourselves.…

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Why You Should Be Amazing

By drlori11 / December 16, 2018 /

There is alot of noise out there in our world now. We have loads of competition. Our competitors are social…

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Featured Post

Not All News Is Good

By drlori11 | January 6, 2019

The answer is yes. Unequivocally Yes with a capital Y. The question is , does the constant barrage of bad news we are exposed to in local, national and international media affect us negatively? There are some things we can never…

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