Broken Hallelujahs

It seems a good time of the year to break away from the tech talk and just notice the hustle and bustle we are in the middle of. Tis the season.

It’s that time of year when we are overwhelmed with the added expectations of the Holidays. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We get to decide how we will celebrate . We get to make it as simple as possible or as complex as we can mange. Its all up to us.

If we get into the comparison trap we will drive ourselves crazy. Trying to do things like all the others when really, we aren’t anything like all the others. We are unique and we can do it our way. In the end , that is the best fit of all. Everyone seems to enjoy that the most.

We might not hang tinsel down the hall and we might not make our cheese into a ball and still we can enjoy the full blessings of the Holiday with family. Taking time to have a nice long conversation with each family member and learn what is going on in their lives. This is way more important than the gift we give. Heck, that is a gift. So often no one is checking in with each other because well, because they are are just too busy and too tired.

So this year do things differently. Do them your way and let the Hallmark way go. Make a pot of soup and sit around the fire with family and be the gift you were going to give. Be instead of do. How cool is that?

We spend so much time trying to get our Holiday spirit on and running from activity to activity searching for it. When it is all much less complicated than we make it. This year simplify and delegate. Don’t be the cranky exhausted one. Instead, sit for a bit with your loved ones and be really connected and engaged. Not around things, but around words and eye contact and time together. Get your HOHOHO on a new way this year.

The time will come and go and you get to choose how you will spend it. In a tizzy, doing and running in circles or sitting quietly with the ones you love in a circle and sharing. Let your conversation be the gift and your connection be the joy. This is really all you need to have a perfect Holiday. Less is more this year , if you will allow it.