Are You letting Devices & Technology Hinder Your Relationships?

Through countless hours of research, Dr. Lori’s passion is to help businesses, families and individuals overcome the endless problems created by excessive device usage.

Our families and relationships are being hijacked by our digital devices. It’s the new epidemic.

The average person uses digital devices 5 hours each day. Is this the best use of your time? How can you be better Connected and Engaged with yourself and others for better mental and physical health?

Learn How to Manage Digital Distractions and Reconnect with the World around You. Using it appropriately can make a difference in your relationships, your health and your mental and emotional well-being.
Get liberated from TOO MUCH TECH

Effects of Texting on Marital Relationships

In Dr. Lori’s first book, she takes a deep-dive into the effects of texting on the marital relationship.

Texting has the ability to connect persons quickly and communicate needed information and thus can be helpful. However, it can also be maladaptive, resulting in miscommunication and less in person conversation, which is problematic in the marital relationship.

The results of texting on marital partnerships are explored to incorporate the kinds of information best sent via texting and the problems included with texting. To read about the full findings, click below to get the book today.

How To Work With Dr. Lori

Public Speaking

As a practitioner for over 25 years, author and thought leader in the field of digital device usage, Dr. Lori is the perfect speaker for your next event. Whether breakout or keynote, corporate or association event, your audience will better understand the effects of being over-connected and have a playbook for managing this within their organization.

Business Consulting

Are you a business owner or executive that’s responsible for developing employees and driving productivity? If so and you’re looking for a balanced approach to managing device usage within the workplace and increasing productivity, Dr. Lori is here to help. Simply click below to learn how she consults with businesses.

Family Services

Are you a parent that’s struggling to create real connections within your family because of excessive device usage by both children and adults? If so, click the link below to learn how Dr. Lori is helping families disconnect form their devices so they can connect with each other and build real, lasting relationships.