Armchair Royal Lifecoaching

It can be fun (as long as it is not at others expense) to see what is happening in the world and then prepare the weekly blog around it. Because how much can you blog about the ways too much digital device usage are harmful?

This week unless you have had your head under a rock, you might have noticed a bit of unsettling going on across the pond with the Royals. Those folks we all love to watch.

It became evident this week with the unfortunate discord in the royal family that all families have their “stuff”. The royals are not exempt. Sadly, they have to try and work through their “stuff” on the world stage with lots of armchair quarterbacks second guessing all decisions they are making and reporting on the royals management of their family issues as if they are qualified life coaches as opposed to media.

Quite frankly, it seems the Queen stepped in and in a very Queenly manner managed the family issues very well before things completely toppled over. Hooray for the family matriarchs holding things together hopefully utilizing their years of wisdom. I know in my own family when we have drama, we all look to my wise mother and she usually has the most helpful advice delivered in amusing ways. Lets just say when she speaks, we listen.

And why shouldn’t the Queen know exactly how to handle this. She has lived a long life and she has made mistakes as we all have and it seems these mistakes are helping her make wise choices for her family now. The decision that works well for everyone involved and for the Crown.

The important thing is that we dont have all of the facts and she likely does. We only know what the media spins and we all know that can be quite a fairy tale as they do get the facts all mixed up and quite often write their own version more for selling stories rather than getting the facts straight. Its however they choose to spin it.

So we can all conjure up our own ideas of this situation and what we think should happen but what if we are not privy to a major piece of the puzzle? How can we really know what is going on if we are not there to see it in person rather than to rely on another rendition?

So often we do buy into a tale told by another and we judge and have no idea of the real circumstances. We simply believe everything we hear because the person telling us seems legit. If we take the time to look closely we might be able to see some cracks in the kettle that is whistling. The one yelling the loudest may not always be the victim. Sometimes we are deceived and this leads to poor judgement.

And so the moral of the story is, accepting that we don’t know what we don’t know and why should we? Give the Royals space to work through their family issues. Our need to judge is really about our own fear. God forbid OUR family should have such drama. We talk about theirs unconsciously thinking it will ward off such horror in our own lives. It releases our anxiety about our own fears and somehow we feel insulated from our own drama. Perhaps it is a distraction and we look at others and judge in order to keep from looking at ourselves. It’s much easier to fix everyone else than to take a good hard look at ourselves and begin the fixing there.

The reality is that all families have problems whether we choose to admit it or sweep them under the rug. They are there and eventually, they come out. Beware of the ones who pretend. That’s the most dysfunction of all. The hottest mess.