All We Need Is Love

Love is the four letter word that can make all of our lives richer. Speakers speak about it. Writers write about it. We even have a Holiday one day of the year to celebrate it.

The love word can be so scary . What if we are vulnerable and love another and they don’t love us back the way we need or wish for ? Love anyway. Don’t look for love, be love. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere. Can you imagine one situation or place it is not appropriate ?

Love is always the best gift. It fixes everything , divided families, broken hearts. There is never too much . We all need more. Love the ones who wrong you. Especially those. Remember hurt people , hurt people. Love is medicine for the heart.

Why do we choose hate when love fits much better? We do not ever waste love giving it away. We can lead from a place of love just by the way we act. We don’t have to have a big bank account, fame or a college degree to love. It’s free and easy. We can be better by loving . We always have a choice, love or hate.

Are you too busy to see love in your life? Where did you see love this week? How can you be more loving ? These are things you can love , the person in the mirror, who you are with, what you do and where you live .

Go out there this week and don’t look for someone to complete you, look for someone to love. Bring out the fear in others or bring out the love. Wonder about that person in your life who is so very broken and hateful, wonder how they became so broken? Be the love you didn’t receive , for yourself and for that person. Give you love and them. You can love enough for both of you. Just do it. Love.