Have you ever had one of those moments that you look back on and realize was a defining point in your life? You can’t remember to turn off the oven most days, but you remember exactly what you were doing, and where you were standing, when you had this epiphany. It is that significant.

These moments can be so powerful. They shake you to your soul. They clear the fog and bring clarity for days. These moments are pivotal in your life, and you know you are about to raise the roof when you experience one. You know the wait is over.

These aha moments catapult you into the life you were meant to live. They take you from mediocrity to amazing. They make your heart sing. Joy, joy, joy, down in your heart……

Usually they come along when we least expect them. Uninvited. Unrehearsed. We are simply going about our day and Boom. The thought you have, opens your eyes and you see the way with so much clarity. Your doubting is over. You are confident in your stride.

We think the events that will define our lives are graduation, wedding or  birth of a child. And yet, the moments that truly define us come just before the big events. They are what take us to these major life changers. Aha moments are the highway to our destiny. The place we are supposed to be, doing what we are supposed to be doing.

They don’t usually come with fanfare. They simply sneak in and steal our thoughts. They cement a decision we are considering, or they unravel our plans. Regardless, we just know. This is it. This is what I have been waiting for.  Aha.

The big things are often not big at all, but instead quite small. The things that bring the shift in our lives. These moments happen throughout our lives and they help us change our minds or cement the decision. They help us decide which path, or contribute to our being still.

Sometimes the aha moments are times we can look back on and realize the impact they made. They were the time we made that conscious decision that changed the trajectory of our lives. The decision that defined us. Aha moments are the little nudges that bring big results.

Each time we have an aha moment, it is bringing understanding, when we know we have to choose. When the decision is just so difficult, but is waiting, waiting for us to name it. The choice is conscious, and we know our options, and we choose. Our character is defined by these choices we make. The way we feel about ourselves is defined by our character. Our choices bring us into our awesomeness.

Passing time, pieced together by a series of defining moments, that make our lives. Aha. This moment is not what defines you, but instead, how you choose to live in this moment defines you. Surrender. Aha.

These moments, they can allow us to define ourselves, or we can define the moment. Our life is linked and built upon many defining moments. This is us, this is our life experience.