Dr. Lori Whatley

The Art & Science of Connection

Offering science-backed proactive solutions for better connection and mental wellness amidst today’s disconnected world. 

Connecting Lives, Nurturing Relationships:

The Art & Science of Connection

Drawing from her extensive expertise in psychology, Dr. Lori illuminates the science behind meaningful connections, empowering individuals to build lasting and authentic relationships.

Meeting Every Monday from 6:00 – 7:00 PM EST starting February 1st for 8 weeks. 

Explore  the benefits of Building Stronger Bonds with Dr. Lori

Real Connections

Deepen your relationship with yourself, your family, and your career to encourage success in both personal and professional realms.

Personal Growth

Find guidance and effective science-backed strategies that enable individuals to achieve personal growth while nurturing a positive outlook on life.

Thriving Families

Build stronger family bonds. Explore ways to nurture and cultivate a harmonious family life filled with meaningful moments and shared joy.

Our families and relationships are being hijacked by our digital devices. It’s the new epidemic.

Insights Featured In

Discover ways to establish and strengthen genuine connections with Dr. Lori’s group sessions, online resources, and individual services designed to nurture communities, families, businesses, and individuals.

How To Work With Dr. Lori

Online Group Sessions

 Engage in Dr. Lori’s virtual community space, creating an environment for finding solace, accessing inspiration, and nurturing mental wellness and relational harmony

Public Speaking

 Experience Dr. Lori’s engaging talks and presentations designed to enlighten audiences on the significance of genuine connection  in our fast growing disconnected world.

Family Services

 Discover Dr. Lori’s tailored support and guidance aimed at restoring genuine meaningful connections within families, promoting stronger bonds and overall well-being.

My work with Dr Lori has been one of the most important decisions I have ever made. It has had significant and long lasting effects on my life. I felt accepted and not judged, and she provided the support I needed to learn ways to be more connected and engaged in all areas of my life.


Karen M. PHD

The presentation was on today’s over use of social media technology and it’s adverse effects on our lives. It was insightful and thought provoking. The discussion continued to address how do we make technology become a useful part of our daily lives rather than the controlling factor in our lives.


Suzette M.
Office Manager

Dr Lori worked with our family to help us understand the ways we were disconnected and the changes we could make to experience better engagement. Our family walked away from our time working with Lori richer in many ways and we are so glad for our time spent with her to build a stronger family.


Miles S.
A happy client

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