Our families and relationships are being hijacked by our digital devices. It’s the new epidemic.


Real Connections

At the heart of a successful business or happy family are real connections. Learn how to manage technology distractions so you can reconnect with yourself, your family and your career.


Growing Businesses

Technology drives so much of business today, but it also accounts for a tremendous amount of inefficiency and lost production. Learn how to manage technology distractions in the workplace and create engaged employees that drive business growth.


Thriving Families

Sometimes you have to disconnect from your device so you can connect with your loved ones. Learn how to manage technology distractions in the home and build real relationships filled with love and happiness.

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The Problem is Real
  • People on Devices

    • 266 Million People
    • 5 Hours a Day


  • Lost Business Productivity

    • $97 Billion Annually


  • Related Health Issues

    • Countless


In the United States today, 266 million people ages 9 and over have a smart device. Of these people, they spend an average of just under five hours on their device each day. While technology is great and is responsible for many modern advancements, jobs and economic growth – there are also negative effects to being over-connected.


In a business setting, the effects are staggering. On average, each employee wastes 2 hours each day on device usage. This equates to $97 Billion in lost business productivity each year.


From a personal health perspective, excessive device usage is linked to a variety of negative health effects such at sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, obesity and ADD to name a few. If not managed properly, excessive device usage can erode relationships within the family which then triggers a variety of issues.
A Solution is Available
Over my 25+ years of studying this topic, I’ve realized that while it’s complicated and not a quick-fix, there is a solution to the problem of being overconnected to technology. The key lies in a balanced approach to understanding the need for technology, but also the negative effects on your health, your family and your career and/or business.


As part of my mission to build real connections within families and help businesses grow, I’ve created a 4 step process to find that middle ground, break-free from the distractions and break-through in your family and/or business.

Drive productivity and create lasting relationships

  • People on Devices

    • 266 Million People
    • 5 Hours a Day


  • Lost Business Productivity

    • $97 Billion Annually


  • Related Health Issues

    • Countless


  • My work with Dr Lori has been one of the most important decisions I have ever made. It has had significant and long lasting effects on my life. I felt accepted and not judged, and she provided the support I needed to learn ways to be more connected and engaged in all areas of my life.


    Karen M. PHD

  • The presentation was on today’s over use of social media technology and it’s adverse effects on our lives. It was insightful and thought provoking. The discussion continued to address how do we make technology become a useful part of our daily lives rather than the controlling factor in our lives.


    Suzette M.
    Office Manager

  • Dr Lori worked with our family to help us understand the ways we were disconnected and the changes we could make to experience better engagement. Our family walked away from our time working with Lori richer in many ways and we are so glad for our time spent with her to build a stronger family.


    Miles S.
    A happy client

How To Work With Dr. Lori

Public Speaking

As a practitioner for over 25 years, author and thought leader in the field of digital device usage, Dr. Lori is the perfect speaker for your next event. Whether breakout or keynote, corporate or association event, your audience will better understand the effects of being over-connected and have a playbook for managing this within their organization.

Business Consulting

Are you a business owner or executive that’s responsible for developing employees and driving productivity? If so and you’re looking for a balanced approach to managing device usage within the workplace and increasing productivity, Dr. Lori is here to help. Simply click below to learn how she consults with businesses.

Family Services

Are you a parent that’s struggling to create real connections within your family because of excessive device usage by both children and adults? If so, click the link below to learn how Dr. Lori is helping families disconnect form their devices so they can connect with each other and build real, lasting relationships.

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